Joe Conigliaro, the inventor of Custom Thumbz, has done it again… Super Suction Finger Grips!

The grips are made of a special formular compound which creates a suction action that gives you better lift power to help carry that pesty corner pin. One of the unique features is; the grips have the pitch built in to them so that they lay smoothly in your ball and don’t have to be trimmed.  

The special composition of the Super Grips feels softer on the fingers and cause less wear on your fingertips while creating more lift / turn power. Our patent pending grips feature a unique “expansion factor” that allow the grips to feel perfectly comfortable from the first frame to your last frame of the day. From an economic standpoint, Super Suction Finger Grips last longer than conventional grips. The grips are available in all standard sizes and a choice of clear, white or black.

Super Suction Finger Grips are patent pending.

What People are Saying

"I started using the Suction Grips 4 weeks ago and have been averaging over 230 since putting them in."
- SF
"I found that I get the ball through the heads better with the Suction finger grip."
"I stay in the ball longer and get better speed with these grips."
- LF